About Bart Pilate

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My name is Bart Pilate.

For 15 years I’ve been working with vocal music from and about WW1.
I’ve been singer/arranger for Les Voix Perdues, a Flemish male quartet that specialises in song about WW1.
We recorded some of those songs on ‘This Blasted War / Stomme Oorlog’, our second album. It can be prelistened on Spotify and Deezer, and ordered on iTunes.

On this blog you can find examples of some of my choral works.
Those are part of a song cycle, but can be performed seperately.

If you take interest in using my work, send me a mail, using the contact sheet below.
Full scores can be sent by mail, for a small fee.

After all: if we can’t remember and honor our past in music, what can we?

Bart      09/2013

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